The 2nd Edinburgh-London established a 4-year pattern for AUK’s premier event.  8 of Bernard's "Inaugurals" (as those who rode the 1989 edition were referred to) came to the start.  6 of these would finish.

The start was again in Doncaster, but at the Hatfield Marina this time.  There were no facilities at the start/finish other than Bernard's caravan.  The route was largely the same as 1989, still following the A68 and A7 to/from Scotland and the B1040 through the Fens.  The Edinburgh control moved to Dalkeith and an additional control at a truckstop between Thurby and Potters Bar.

The London control was again the Potters Bar scout hut which had an unfortunate incident with a blocked toilet until the AUK Chairman, Rocco Richardson, rolled up his sleeves and got on with the job.  

The weather was very cold and wet on the Northern leg and did cause some to pack (including Keith Benton (an Inaugural) who stopped at home in York and did not continue).  Many sat and waited out the rain in Doncaster before beginning what turned into a hot and sunny Southern leg.

Several firsts were recorded:

  • First on fixed - Mark Webb and George Berwick
  • First tandem trike - Peter Gifford and Pat Kenny
  • First riders from overseas - 3 Canadians, Manfred Kirchenmuller, Harold Bridge and Gordon Cooke.

1993 Brevet Card courtesy of Ricki Goode: