Brompton World Championships 2015

It's the tenth running of the BWC and to celebrate, Brompton had managed to stage this year's version as part of the FreeCycle/Ride London weekend using a 2 kilometre circuit of St James Park. I've not ridden the BWC since 2012 (this is my fourth BWC in total) and I was amazed as just how far Bromptons and Brompton riders have come on. I don't use my Brompton ever so much these days (but when I do, it is invaluable), and was amazed to see how many modifications are now available both from Brompton and third party vendors. There were some very trick machines there with deep section wheels, lots of titanium etc. One Brompton owner had got his Brompton down to 8kg from what I understood!

The event was great, with everyone in suits or silly costumes.

I felt rough as anything as I had given up caffeine that morning ready for PBP - I felt so sick and had a huge headache and was close to DNS to be honest.

A steady ride for me was good enough for 131st out of the 500 riders - but it's not about that, it's about the ridiculous concept of grown men and women racing on these stupid little bikes around iconic London sights.

It's one of the few times in my life I will ever get to race against ex-pro cyclists and National Champions (David Miller and Michael Hutchinson were both racing!).

Fun fun fun.