2015 is well underway - PBP calling!

I thought I better do as I have done for the past couple of years and put down my thoughts on the season ahead, even though it is well underway already. 2015 is a PBP year, and it's like a whirlpool of activity that drags you in ever faster.

I really never considered not riding PBP, it is just what we all do - it's the grand-daddy of all long-distance rides.  We spend the 2 years ahead of it talking about our plans for it, and the 2 years after it recalling our adventures on it.

I can not imagine not being part of the conversations, so here I am again!

There had possibly a plan to look at riding PBP on the tandem with my wife.  This has not worked out - I know she is capable of it, but I think the thought of qualifying in winter/spring is a very difficult proposition.  Her heart wasn't in it enough.

So, I will be solo sadly.

I have made a fairly big change to how I am riding as well - I have been riding my fixed a lot since I got a new one in October.  It has made everything very challenging again, and in many ways, feels like my first PBP in that every jump up in distance has been the first time at that distance.  I have now ridden my 200 and 300km qualifiers and it's been quite a bit tougher on the fixed.  This weekend, my first attempt at 400km on the fixed (route-checking my club's 400).  It should be fun.

Overall, preparation is not going ever so well - very busy with an amazing project that is very interesting and exciting, but takes all my energies at the moment.

My mileage is very low compared to previous years, but the end is in sight and I will start to ramp stuff up from now.

I've some other plans for the year as well - not going to say much for them at the moment as I need to see if I can swing enough time away from the business for them.

Whatever happens, I will be in Paris - hopefully on fixed!

I have hotels in place at the start/finish and in Loudeac, so I am going for a more leisurely ride this time.  I did wonder about really going for a time - but I don't think this is the year for it.  Next time maybe.