Willesden Rockets Easter Arrow


As I have said before, I have wanted to do an Easter Arrow for a number of years now. Finally I have had the chance.

Martin (our Captain), Mel, Ian and myself left Willesden Junction train station at 9am on Good Friday with the intention of arriving in York 24 hours later with at least 400km in our legs (minimum distance is 360km).

Our route took us through, roughly, Aylesbury, Huntingdon, Grantham, Lincoln, Blyth, Goole and York.

Much of the first legs were spent riding into a troubling head-wind and I was glad of a good rest at Huntingdon.

By nightfall as we reached Grantham, it was clear that the night was going to be very cold, so a lot of layers were put on and we sort of resolved that riding throughout the night (we had a leg over towards Tadcaster if we were feeling very up for it) was probably not going to be on the cards. It was, indeed, a cold night with temperatures in the minus 2 and 3 range. We were well-dressed and didn't suffer overly.

But we were all glad to reach Blyth services and stop for a few hours and get some broken sleep on the chairs/floor.

Into a murky cold we went with only 4 hours of riding left and before too long, we were in York where we piled into a pub with 100 other riders to have breakfast and share our tales from the road.

Great fun and massive thanks goes to Martin for being a very good captain.