2013 diary becoming a little clearer now

This year looks to be an interesting year - I'm pretty fired up for it already.  It started a bit limply, but I feel I am getting into my stride, and my 300km DIY last weekend has given me a renewed confidence for the season ahead. One big issue for long-distance cycling is balancing time between cycling and home.  It is clearly a pursuit that takes a lot of time.  It's not like, let's say running, where an hour or two is a very good long run.  You need entire days for a good long bike ride.  This can, and has, caused friction in my life for sure.  This year feels like I can ride a little more as my better half is doing her Masters, so is bogged down with reading at weekends (so is more than happy for me to not be in the house).  As long as we do make time for each other, it will all work out just fine.  We've various weekends away planned etc. as well as other social activities etc.

Whilst I have had some events booked into the diary for a while now (Wessex Series, BCM), I am starting to look to fill the gaps a little now.

It should be quite a big year in terms of points - I should definitely beat my haul of 54 in 2011.  I'm thinking something along the lines of 75-80 points.  Now that is nothing compared to others - but, despite comments above, I am not willing to ride an event or DIY every weekend.

In terms of SR series, I will do at least one before LEL - The Wessex Series:

  • Hard Boiled 300
  • Dorset Coast 200
  • Porkers 400
  • Brimstone 600

I will achieve another series over the season (technically, you only become a Super Randonneur once per season; so it's not that I am achieving multiple SRs, I am just counting the series):

  • Any number of 200s already done
  • February DIY300
  • BCM 600
  • LEL 1400

Which then led me onto going hyper (riding 4*600s in a season) - I just need another 600.  I have my eye on the Flatlands 600 in September and possibly a DIY600.

This would probably lead me to have ridden a third series this season - and that will do me very nicely thanks.

The part of the season I am a little concerned about at the moment is following the Brimstone on 8th June, I need to keep the fitness up until LEL at the end of July.  There are some good options out there:

  • Pendle 600 - 22nd June - have a small eye on this - very, very hard ride taking in most of Northern England with some eye-watering climbs.  
  • National 400 - 15th June - this is a big event that moves around the country and is offered as an encouragement for riders to step up a distance to the 400.  Lots of TLC and a big crowd makes this ride appeal more and more.
  • Hereward The Wake 300 on 12th July - this is a great ride that starts at 9pm (after a curry at a local curry house!) with easy night-time sections leading onto a nice day of riding.

I'm really hoping to arrive at the start of LEL even fitter than I was when I arrived in Paris for PBP.  My target of 96 hours is not super-fast - but it will take a good level of fitness to achieve. I just need to keep on pedalling and work hard this spring!