More lightness for Brompty

After waiting a few weeks, my new bottom bracket for the Brompton finally turned up.  A titanium axled TA Axix Light Pro. I was staggered how light this was!  165 grammes (compared to about 320 for the Shimano unit I have fitted currently).

I am also hoping that this bottom bracket will last better than the FAG or Shimano units - I seem to get them loose and clickey pretty quickly - not sure why either (I am only 140lbs and don't ride that far each day).

Fitting was easy, but mucky!

A quick spin around the block and the bottom bracket felt like a dream - no clicks or looseness.  Made the bike feel a lot more responsive (and, obviously, I was able to feel the loss of 160g on the bike!).

Seems like a good upgrade in terms of £ vs g - £63 to save 160 grammes - not bad at all.  Boring though - no-one can see it!  So here it is in all it's glory.

Titanium goodness

Available from Wiggle (though you might have to wait a few weeks).