I'm back and ready to tell all

Coming back into London this morning, I was certainly filled with fear and trepidation - not just for all the stuff I knew would be on my desk and I have to clear before I jet off next week to the US for a conference, but for all the crazy stuff that goes on here - how busy, dirty, hectic etc. it is. My ride home certainly proved those fears.  I suppose I will get into the swing of it all fairly quickly though.  However, I will not forget that trip as it will live with me forever.  I am looking forward to writing about it, just to remind myself of the great time I have had.  I know a blog is ideally meant to be a spontaneous, stream of consciousness and here I will have to write about stuff that happenned 2 and half weeks ago - but I will do my best.  I wrote a lot of notes whilst I was away - so hope I can write 'in the moment' and express my feelings at the time without anything that happenned later in the trip prejudicing that.

I will have so many photos as well to go up on my Flickr site.

It's going to take a while - so be patient!