Packing list

So - I hopefully have got my packing list pretty much sorted now.  I have had a few weekends away and think I have it down to a good weight now.

Bike and spares

  • Better take one of those!  I have a Cannondale Bad Boy 8 for the trip.  Rear rack with two Altura Dryline 56 panniers.  Front Ortlieb handlebar bag and a small Trek saddle bag for tools.
  • Bike lock - I wonder about this all the time.  I have so many different opinions on it.  Living in London, I have an super-strong Gold Secure U-lock.  It weighs a tonne.  Half of me thinks I could leave the lock at home for this trip - but then the 'what if?' scenarios start.  If it did get nicked and there was no lock - then no insurance.... I need to have (for insurance purposes) a Sold Secure Silver level lock for the bike - I might see if there is something light (and relatively cheap) to come with me.
  • Rear light - I don't suppose I will ride much at night (especially as the days are so long) - but best to have a little one than get caught out one evening.
  • Cycle computer - just a cheap Cateye - mainly interested in distance and average speed.
  • Tools -
  • Long handled 4mm Allen Key for the pesky eccentric bottom bracket on the Bad Boy (the worst thing about the bike!)
  • Leatherman Juice 2 multitool - this is a luxury as I have everything there is on the tool on something else OTHER than the pliers.
  • Box spanner
  • Alien 2 multitool - all the good stuff - allen keys, chain tool, tyre levers etc.
  • Park Tool SPA-4 again for the rubbish bottom bracket
  • Tyre lever - just the one (with a hook, which the alien does not have)
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Pump (attached to water bottle cage)
  • Spares -
  • Two spare tubes
  • Emergency tyre boot
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Little bit of spare chain
  • Cable ties
  • Rag
  • Latex gloves
  • Gaffa tape
  • Brooks saddle cover to keep the saddle dry at night

Camping stuff

  • Tent - a Mountain Hardwear Helion 2 - really pleased with the tent, very light and strong.  Easy to set up as well.  It is VERY cosy for two people - it's a large 1 man really.
  • Sleeping Bag - Mountain Equipment Phantom 45 - terrifyingly light at 480 grammes - seems perfect for summer usage
  • Silk liner - I use a Sea To Summit silk liner - which keeps grubby me and the sleeping bag apart from each other and is really good for warm nights just to sleep in the silk bag.
  • Mat - Thermarest Prolite 3 - comfy indeed!

Cooking stuff


Obviously I also carry various bits of foodstuffs as well.  I am cautious of carrying too much - but also I am aware of how remote the Hebrides can be - so do not want to get caught out without dinner!  Especially on a Sunday - the residents really do observe the Sabbath like nowhere else in the UK.


  • Long sleeve Merino wool top - love these.  Don't feel too hot in the sun, don't feel too cold in the wind.  And don't smell too much either!
  • Short sleeve Merino wool top
  • Short sleeve t-shirt (man-made)
  • Cycling top
  • Windproof fleece jacket
  • Goretex shorts
  • Waterproof jacket
  • 2 pairs cycling shorts
  • 1 pair baggy shorts with padding
  • 1 pair baggy 3/4 length shorts
  • 1 pair trouser with zip off legs (mainly for walking around camp in evenings)
  • Cycling gloves (just taking the fingerless ones - hope that works)
  • 3 pairs socks
  • Helmet
  • Cycling glasses
  • Pair of Merrell sandals for not being on the bike
  • Cycling shoes

All the other stuff

  • Towel - a travel one - bought it years ago and went for too big a size really.  I could use one half the size - but thought it was not worth spending money on a new one.
  • Head torch - Petzl Tikka XP I think - it's *&^%ing bright!
  • First Aid kit - all the usual bits and pieces in there.  Hope never to look inside it.
  • Camera - my little point and shoot.  Also charger and 2 SD cards
  • Map - just taking the OS Road 2 map to keep weight down - should be okay I think
  • Guidebooks and/or book to read - this one's up in the air - a lot of weight and I have some very detailed notes about where I want to go etc.
  • Comb - should shave my head or something and cut down on the weight!
  • Razor - I am not the hairiest bloke in the world and don't need to shave every day thankfully - but I bought a little AA battery-powered Philips unit - very small and fairly light
  • Phone and charger - wish I did not have to - but when you are meeting up with people, I guess it is sadly the way of the world now.  I will NOT be leaving it on though - keep that work thing firmly at the back of my mind.
  • Travel wash for clothes
  • Little mirror
  • Toothpaste, brush, Teepee brushes, rubber bands (sadly I have a brace at the moment, so have to carry so much crap around!)
  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Antiperspirant
  • Suncream
  • Insect repellent
  • Notebook
  • Vaseline for sore bums
  • Pen
  • Loo roll
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Spare batteries
  • Money and cards

I think that's about it - I am sure there's something I will miss off the list.  This has served to help me really finetune my packing list.

It looks like so much now in this list, but it doesn't weigh a lot and fits on the bike quite easily.

I know there'll be something I wish I had and many things I wish I didn't take - but that's the joy of doing it all for the first time!