Well, I am Marcus JB, 42, live in South West London and spend my paid time designing and programming Crestron and Lutron systems in the high end residential sector.  But my free time is spent on my bike or with my lovely wife, Cass, and two ridiculous cats.

I've been riding bikes most of my life, but like many of us, took some time out in my late-teens and twenties to indulge in a less than healthy lifestyle.

After having had some health issues and having a bit of my lungs removed, my racing career was over before it began, but I have discovered a love for long-distance riding and have now completed five full seasons of Audax riding with five Super Randonneur years, two Paris Brest Paris 1200km finishes, one London Edinburgh London 1400km finish and a number of other long events.

This blog is primarily reports from these longer rides and some reports on tours I/we have done (my wife and I tour on a tandem and have, so far, had successful tours in France, Spain and Thailand).  We spend much of our time planning where to go next (and how we're going to afford it!).